The Black Pearl: Tricking out a Ruger Mark IV (VIDEO)

The project started with a stock Ruger .22LR but ended up as something very special.

Rimfire authority 22Plinkster details the magic behind the all-black Mark IV build he has tapped in for trick shots in recent weeks. Starting with a Ruger 22/45 Lite, the only thing that is still factory is the polymer frame and “some of the bolt,” said Plink. A Volguartsen LLV upper and comp helps flatten the gun while one of their trigger kits cuts down on take-up and overtravel.

The optics are a Leupold Deltapoint Pro 1MOA red dot with co-witnessed Volguartsen backup folding rear irons. A Tandemkross Halo sits on the rear of the slide while a set of their 22/45 Hive grips have replaced the original Ruger panels as has a Tandemkross trigger face– and that’s just for starters. Best of all, there is a laser/light fitted on the bottom rail to help with pest control around the Ponderosa.

The proof is in the pudding with Plinkster taking it out to 100 yards with no problems, calling it “almost boring.”

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