Savage Arms unveils new enhanced website

07/16/18 7:30 AM | by

Savage announced a revamped site for consumers. (Photo: Savage Arms)

Savage Arms revamped its consumer website, looking to provide easier access and more in-depth information to Savage fans.

The redesigned website now offers enriched content, product information and action photos along with videos to give consumers the most up to date and in-depth information about the company’s rifles and shotguns. The site also now features an enhanced search function that is easier to navigate, providing accurate info to fit each shooter’s needs.

“Our new, user-friendly website offers hunters and shooters more ways to find the model that is right for them,” Savage Senior Marketing Manager Beth Shimanski said in a press release. “This includes new family pages that introduce what’s new by product family, make it easy to keep up with the latest innovations and compare different models within each product family. You can also find a Savage dealer and purchase firearms directly from each model page.”

The website lays out access to each of the company’s 580 products with more details on each offering and more photos. To help shooters even further in their journey, the company has expanded its “Expert Advice” catalogue. This section acts a storage facility for data on gun maintenance, hunting tactics and overall shooting tips.

“You also get a chance to meet the expanded Team Savage ambassadors and learn their proudest shooting and hunting moments,” Shimanski added. “And you can subscribe to the industry’s best e-newsletter for monthly updates on new products and other Savage news.”

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