Comparing emergency reloads with some of the best modern rifles in history (VIDEOS)

If you are curious which is faster to reload in a hurry between the AK, AR, G3 and FAL, pull up a chair.

Ziga with Polenar Tactical in the above takes a look first a pair of shorties — a Tula AKS74u and Windham Weaponry AR15 — both with an 11.5-inch barrel. As he is based in Slovakia, you would think the Kalash would be more familiar and, in the end, play faster. You would think…

Comparing battle rifles, he stacks a G3 with a sweet angled fore grip against a FAL and, with more gun to manipulate, the mag exchanges take slightly longer– though he does explain there were other issues at play.

Also, since you came this far, here is Manca running a Benelli M3 Super 90 in slo-mo during a shotgun operator course in Austria–nice to know there are such things in Europe. Stay tuned for the underhand reload while moving, which is harder than it looks if you have never tried it.

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