Kemp bests Cagle in Georgia GOP primary race for governor (VIDEOS)

In a race that saw plenty of gun politics, Brian Kemp blew away Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle at the polls Tuesday. Kemp, a Republican who has served as Georgia’s Secretary of State since 2010, picked up almost 70 percent of the vote following a glowing endorsement from President Donald Trump that held the former state lawmaker was “very strong on Crime and Borders, LOVES our Military, Vets and the 2nd Amendment.”

During his campaign, Kemp released a series of ads backing his pro-gun stance including one controversial spot featuring “Jake,” billed as one of his daughter’s suitors, during which he held an unloaded double barrel shotgun on the young man while in a room containing a number of other firearms, to include handguns and AR-15s.

Other spots included more shotguns, chainsaws, explosions and a Ford F-350, as he promised to be politically incorrect.

Although Cagle fired back that, while in the state legislature, Kemp worked with “liberal Democrats” to kill a gun rights bill, Kemp doubled down with Jake and the shotgun accusing the Lt. Governor himself of trying to misdirect voters from his flagging poll numbers.

While Cagle picked up an endorsement from the National Rifle Association over his stance on campus carry legislation and a public scrimmage with Delta Airlines — the state’s largest private employer — over its relationship with the gun rights group, Kemp grabbed support from smaller local Second Amendment organizations. On his platform, Kemp says he supports a gun sales tax holiday similar to those enjoyed in other Southern states, among other gun rights expansions.

Kemp will take on Democrat Stacey Abrams in the November general election. Abrams, the first black female major party gubernatorial nominee in U.S. history, is running on a platform heavy on issues such as economic mobility, LGBT rights, immigrant safety and gun control. On the latter, she wants to repeal campus carry, institute universal background checks, implement Extreme Risk Protection Orders to temporarily seize guns from those thought to be at risk, and expand mandatory gun surrenders for those accused of domestic abuse.

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