Taking a look at the 'Good Guy with a Gun' (VIDEOS)

Freedom Toons evaluates the numbers behind defensive gun uses and gun crime with the help of some handy studies. In the 3-minute animated short, an effort is made to deconstruct the popular gun violence talking points and highlight incidents where firearms are used to prevent further crimes.

For support, the makers draw from a 2013 Centers for Disease Control report on gun violence that included data showing up to 3 million defensive gun uses per year, which would make it way more common than incidents of gun violence. The material comes from studies and data collected by Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck, who has revisited the topic.

Seamus Coughlin, the cartoonist behind the channel, openly refers to himself as a pro-gun Libertarian, so it is doubtful that Shannon Watts is a subscriber of his. Coughlin has, in the past, covered gun control before, such as in his satirical 2016 Freedom Toons spot, “Support Gun Control You Child Hating Bigot!!” and has gone on to pick up almost 800,000 views.

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