Save your old brass to up-cycle and make an AR-10 receiver (VIDEOS)

Using a bucket full of reclaimed old brass, a home handyman created a gold-hued AR-10 lower receiver, with some assembly required.

Nothing really high-tech involved, although it took 60 hours to work out it. Using a greensand mold, he melts down 1,425 assorted casings to form a 13-pound solid block of brass, which he then machines to a 10~ pound blank.

Ok, 10-pounds, 5-ounces.

Then, after a lot more milling and cutting, he has a workable lower over the course of a condensed and distilled 20-minute video.

If the concept and the guy seem vaguely familiar, he took 256 soda and beer cans and made an AR-15 last year from their recovered aluminum. Who needs 3-D printing, right?

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