'Career criminal' sentenced to 18 years for gun possession

A “career criminal” with more than 50 convictions will spend the better part of two decades behind bars for gun possession.

John Jordan, 52, will serve 225 months in prison after paramedics recovered a .22-caliber revolver from his waistband while rescuing him from a car crash in Savannah, Georgia in 2016.

In a July 19 news release, United States Attorney Bobby L. Christine described Jordan as a “menace” while rattling off some of the dozens of crimes he’s committed throughout his life.

“He has burglarized a home, stole vehicles, drove while intoxicated, threatened citizens and police officers, escaped from custody, beat people, obstructed justice, committed arson, and possessed a firearm in violation of the law,” he said. “Today, his decades of criminal activity have caught up with him; and now he has almost two decades of prison time to reflect on the life he has lived.  Let this sentence serve as a message to other menaces in our community:  Gun Crime Equals Jail Time.”

In March, a jury found Jordan guilty of felony firearm possession after deliberating less than hour, according to court documents. Jordan’s rap sheet includes 20 felonies, 33 misdemeanors and multiple parole and probation violations. In one of his more serious convictions, Jordan attacked a female police officer and bent her finger backwards, snapping bones and tendons and “rending it useless.”

“John Jordan Jr. has made a career out of breaking the law,” said ATF Resident Agent in Charge Tim Graden. “The sentence that Jordan received represents the seriousness of his crimes. ATF’s mission is to bring criminals like Jordan to justice.”

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