The Dardick: A magazine-fed 1950s revolver that shoots 'trounds' (VIDEO)

Rarely found in the wild, the Dardick 1500 had a lot going on. No, not the vacuum cleaners on wheels that chase Dr. Who, the term Dardick in the world of oddball firearms refers to inventor David Dardick who in the 1950s had some interesting ideas. He thought that the gun should be all about the bullet it fired so he invented a triangular cartridge called a “tround” and a series of guns to fire them.

Why did this not take the world by storm? Well, the Dardick happened to combine some the worst facets of a revolver with the bad parts of a semi-auto, and, going past its totally unique round which incorporated early (and iffy) plastics, the gun was also pretty hard on the eyes to boot.

In the above video from the NRA’s National Firearms Museum, John Popp talks with Special Projects Coordinator Ernie Lyles about the ill-fated Dardick, of which there may be as few as 50 left in circulation.

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