Birchwood Casey adds coyote silhouette to target series

The Freedom Targets Coyote Silhouette is a cardboard style target that holds its own on the range. (Photo: Birchwood Casey)

Birchwood Casey adds coyotes to its silhouette target offerings, launching the Freedom Targets Coyote Silhouette for target shooters.

The Freedom Targets Coyote Silhouette measures 12-inches by 18-inches utilizing a heavy cardboard construction. The targets fold flat for easy toting to the range, with bases folding up to hold the coyote silhouette.

The free-standing target ships with 24 Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C Bulls Eye targets measuring three-inches. The bullseye targets offer a bright chartreuse ring around each bullet hole, allowing shooters to make quick sight adjustments if needed. The targets can be used with any caliber firearm and operates without the need for staples or tape at the range.

“The Freedom Targets Coyote Silhouette from Birchwood Casey offers shooters the ultimate in target portability and freedom from staples, tape and heavy stands,” Birchwood Casey said in a press release.

The Freedom Targets Coyote Silhouette, made in the USA, is available from Birchwood Casey with a retail price of $7.60.

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