You may have heard of a hideaway bed but how about hideaway gun cabinet (VIDEO)

This is the kind of project that makes me happy.

Posted by Tingle Design Co. on Monday, July 9, 2018

Built to resemble an antique telephone cabinet at the foot of the stairs, it pulls out to reveal enough space for a dozen rifles or shotguns

Made by Tingle Design, a custom cabinetry and furniture maker in North Louisiana, the company posted a short video of the hidden gun cabinet on social media and it caught on fast. In the past three weeks, the clip has been viewed over 540,000 times and drawn hundreds of comments.

“I’m overwhelmed by the comments and shares on my video! I never thought it would go viral. If I would have known, I would have dressed better!” remarked Tingle in a follow-up post.

In other news, if you go into a home in North Louisiana with an antique telephone cabinet at the foot of the stairs…

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