The downright weird Bushmaster Arm Pistol (VIDEO)

The Arm Pistol was an oddball of a handgun produced by Bushmaster back in the 1980s for a military contract that vaporized and left the company with a funny story.

There were several variants of the Arm Pistol that popped up from the mid-1970s until Bushmaster ended the line in 1988 but the basic concept was a .223 Rem chambered handgun with an 11.75-inch barrel and STANAG mag well but using an AK-47 style piston system.

Offered to the military for use as a lightweight and compact survival piece for aircrew lost behind the lines, the company reportedly closed a deal in 1985 with the USAF for 2,100 guns which was later rescinded, leaving Bushmaster to sell them commercially.

Taking a close look on the weird but now sought-after Arm Pistol is gun blogger Kjaskaar in the above video.

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