Zack Morris warms up fast with a custom Glock in training, with no time outs (VIDEO)

Actor and Bayside High-alumni Mark-Paul Gosselaar has put down the giant brick phone and moved on to a polymer-framed race gun for some more practical/tactical pursuits.

In the above short from Taran Tactical, the actor best known for his portrayal of fourth-wall-breaking high school hustler Zack Morris drills some plates and dummies in style under the watchful eye of Taran Butler and Jade Struck. There is a noticeable flinch on an empty chamber that did not lock back, but they say it’s his first day, so there’s that to take into account.

It should be pointed out that Gosselaar, 44, has spent a few years getting familiar with various hardware on-screen, having portrayed a detective in the later seasons of the Steven Bochco police procedural NYPD Blue, followed up by roles in the more recent action films Heist and Precious Cargo, as noted by the IMFDB.

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