MagPump adds new adapters for 9mm mag loader

The Mag Retainers allow more gun owners the opportunity to ease the strain of loading mags. (Photo: MagPump)

MagPump expands its adapters, known as Mag Retainers, to include even more options for 9mm gun owners.

Now boasting double and single stack options, the Mag Retainers now open the door for Springfield XDM, H&K VP9, P2000, P30, USP P8, Walther P99Q, Canik TP9sfx, Berretta M9/92, Hudson H9, CZ75, Sig 365 and Glock 43 owners to enjoy the benefits of easier mag loading.

The MagPump magazine loader for 9mm. (Photo: MagPump)

“The goal is to make all the MagPump units as universal as possible for every type of shooter,” MagPump CEO Pete Crawford said in a news release. “This first release of new Mag Retainers will help take care of so many 9mm customers, both domestic and abroad. We anticipate releasing more newly designed adapters as soon as possible.”

The MagPump magazine loader debuted in January 2018. Its function is to allow users to easily load magazines in mere seconds, without the discomfort usually associated with loading multiple mags. The MagPump, which retails for $149, as well as the Mag Retainers, priced at $19.99, are available from local retailers as well as from Magpump.



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