Taurus USA pops a Viridian on its Spectrum .380 series

The Spectrum series from Taurus now offers a Virdian laser option. (Photo: Outdoor Wire)

Taurus USA introduces a laser version of its micro handgun series, the Spectrum, launching the Viridian equipped model last week.

Created for concealed carry, the laser model Spectrum features the Viridian E Series Red Laser tucked onto the trigger guard. The laser delivers a visible beam out to 25 yards in daylight and up to one mile at night. The E Series laser sports a “fast-operation” on/off switch and up to six hours of battery life.

The .360 micro pistol features overmold panels in the grip and slide to offer more positive operation during stressful scenarios. The micro pistol series boasts a bevy of colors to choose, offering bright palettes that set it apart from the usual black or FDE firearm styles.

The Spectrum boasts an array of colors and patterns. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

“Taurus continues to put out unique, make-sense firearms,” Viridian Weapon Technologies President and CEO Brian Hedeen said in a press release. “The American-made Spectrum is an exciting product and we’re happy to have several laser sights for those who purchase this ideal concealed carry option.”

In addition to the E Series laser, Taurus says Viridian’s Reactor Green and Red Gen 2 lasers also work alongside the Spectrum. The Viridian E Series laser Spectrum model is available now through local retailers with a MSRP of $359.

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