California compliant AKs hit Rifle Dynamics lineup (VIDEO)

Rifle Dynamics is helping the folks of California out, announcing three new models of California compliant AKs.

Though the company is quite experienced at building custom AKs for its loyal fans in the restrictive state, this is the first time Rifle Dynamics has introduced compliant models as a staple of its main production lineup. Deemed “Operation California Air Lift,” the three models coming to California residents include the AKM-CA, RD-702-CA and RD-502-CA.

california compliant ak

The RD-702-CA, top, and RD-502-CA, bottom, deliver California compliant AK options. (Photo: Rifle Dynamics)

The RD-702-CA, chambered in 7.62×39, and the RD-502-CA, chambered in 5.45×39, offer a 35-inch total length with 14.5-inch barrel. Using a Generation 3 Venom Tactical FSB/GB Combo and UtiMAK scope rail, the rifles finish off their front ends with a permanently attached Surefire PROCOMP. Both models deliver a RD AK to M4 stock adapter with Magpul fixed MOE stock. The rifles round out their features with a Aim Sports Featureless AK Grip and G2 Trigger Group. Both AKs ship with one 10-round magazine and arrive in their own rifle case with RD logo. The RD-702-CA and RD-502-CA are available from Rifle Dynamics with a MSRP of $2,200.

The AKM-CA offers a more traditional approach with a classic AK style. Utilizing featureless black polymer furniture, tuned action and trigger, standard muzzle device and a Fuller Rear Sight mod, the AKM-CA is finished off with a premium finish and side rail mount for optics. Measuring 35-inches with a 16-inch barrel, the AKM-CA is chambered in 7.62×39. Like its brethren, the AKM-CA ships with one 10-round mag alongside a rifle case with the company’s logo. The AKM-CA retails for $1,450.

akm-ca rifle

The AKM-CA delivers a more traditional AK set-up. (Photo: Rifle Dynamics)

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