Daniel Defense boosts its color options with new Cerakote finish

The Rattlecan custom Cerakote uses a stencil approach to ensure individuality among each firearm finish. (Photo: Daniel Defense)

Daniel Defense beefs up its custom Cerakote collection, adding a new patterns to its offerings in the form of the Rattlecan finish. The Rattlecan serves as the fourth custom firearm coating to make its way onto Daniel Defense’s product line, joining Mil Spec +, Daniel Defense Tornado and Daniel Defense Deep Woods as color finishes.

The multicolor finish is the marriage of the gun maker’s Mil Spec + and Daniel Defense Tornado Cerakote finishes. To create a pattern unique to each firearm, the company uses a stencil to apply the finish.  Daniel Defense says the release is an exciting one for the company.

The Rattlecan finish will appear on three models of Daniel Defense rifles. (Photo: Daniel Defense)

“We’re excited to finally release this finish to the public,” said Daniel Defense President/CEO Marty Daniel in a news release. “Rattlecan was originally created to serve as the exclusive finish for the 2017 Friends of NRA Gun of the Year, the DDM4V7. The positive response that we received from Friends of NRA led us to make the Cerakote finish a staple in our custom Cerakote line.”

The Rattlecan finish will be available on three Daniel Defense rifles — the DDM4V7, DDM4V7 Pro and DDM4V7 LW. Prices start at $1,847 for the DDM4V7 variants and top out at $2,109 for the DDM4V7 Pro.

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