Epic 'Blooming Death' training footage resurfaces (VIDEO)

First of and to be clear, Guns.com is not endorsing this tactic. Always follow both common-sense and posted range/firearm safety rules. With that being said, above is a mea culpa six years in the making from Eastern European firearms instructor Saulius “Sonny” Puzikas on the now-infamous “Blooming Death.”

As a background, the footage was part of a Panteao Productions training film back in 2012 when Puzikas was tight with the company and being featured in big-name industry publications. After lots of people pointed out how dangerous it was and how likely it would be to result in a Darwin Award and/or high-profile litigation, Panteao scrapped the entire video.

The concept, as Puzikas says today with a face as emotionless as an Easter Island moai, was used by an unnamed Ivan during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan to escape a situation where he was surrounded by unfriendlies of the muj variety where, as Kipling once said, it’s seen as less than ideal to be captured there. So the Death Blossom, err we mean Blooming Death, as advocated by Puzikas, is semi-controlled, using aimed handgun shots to engage bad guys while the Kalash firing ala Cubbies win celebration is a form of suppressing fire.

Still, come on…

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