An interesting trip in history to see Walther's Ultra 9mm project (VIDEO)

Standard Western European cop rounds over the past century or so include 7.65×17mmSR Browning (.32ACP), 9mm Kurz (.380ACP), 7.65x22mm and the ubiquitous 9x18mm Ultra (not to be confused with 9x18mm Makarov, which does not interchange). Did you say 9mm Ultra?

Originally developed in the 1936 for use by the Luftwaffe– as ably told in the above look by Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons of a Walther prototype gun– the Ultra round itself wasn’t released until the 1970s In the end, just Walther (PP Super), Benelli (B76), Mauser (HSc-80) and Sig (the P320) ever produced guns that are chambered for it. The loading is not spectacular but does provide a bit more umpf than the .380 while being a tad milder on the wrist than a full-on 9mm Parabellum, which many European countries restrict to military use only.

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