Liberty Suppressors re-releases Triumph suppressor

The Triumph reemerges from Liberty Suppressors with a lightweight Titanium construction.  (Photo: Liberty Suppressors)

Liberty Suppressors expands its silencer inventory once more with a relaunch of its Triumph suppressor. The company coins the device as a “severe duty centerfire rifle silencer.” Using a Titanium construction, the Triumph is a lightweight can with a 718 Inconel Blast baffle. Coated with Type C Cerakote, the can features 1/2-28 threads.

The can uses an Inconel blast baffle in a sealed design. (Photo: Liberty Suppressors)

“At home on your 22-250 bolt rifle or your 10.5-inch AR15 SBR, this silencer covers a lot of area,” Liberty Suppressors said in a press release. “Threaded in the super common 1/2-28 threads, it is simple to install by just spinning it on the muzzle. No special mounts or shims to worry with, just spin it on and enjoy.”

The Triumph is a sealed design using a Wavelok tube interface. Liberty says design prevents tube spin while also radially venting high pressure gases for a lower exit energy. The Triumph is available through Class 3 dealers with a MSRP of $695, pre-stamp.

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