Mene Gene Leather announces arrival of Hunting Rifle Slings

The slings are handmade from 8/9-ounce English Bridle Leather. (Photo: Mean Gene Leather)

Mene Gene Leather debuts a new set of handcrafted leather slings, launching the Hunting Rifle Sling series. Available in padded and non-padded models, the Hunting Rifle Slings were developed for bolt guns though Mene Gene Leather says any long gun will work with the slings. Made using 8/9-ounce English Bridle Leather, the sling series will be available in Rich Brown, Golden Brown or Black.

The Hunting Rifle Slings are condition prior to shipping for a comfortable, soft feel. (Photo: Mean Gene Leather)

Utilizing a textured neoprene non-skid backing, the slings feature double stitching with #277 Boned Nylon thread for extra durability. The slings are hand conditioned with Ray Holes Saddle Butter Leather Conditioner to add a soft feel with greater flexibility. Topped off with 1.25-inch Mil-Force or QD swivels, all attachments on the Hunting Rifle Slings are secured with Chicago Screws.

Mene Gene Leather says customization options are available with consumers having the option to add on a personalized laser logo or customize sling sizes. The Hunting Rifle Sling features a minimum adjustable length of 33-inches with maximum length of 42-inches.

The MGL Leather 2 Point Sling and MGL leather 2 to 1 Point Sling are currently available with prices starting in the $80 to $90 range.

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