Project Sauerkraut: Rebooting a junk-grade Mauser (VIDEO)

Presented with a rusted and hacked up 8mm Mauser missing a bolt, a hobbyist put in some time, putty and parts to come up with something a little different.

Dubbed Project Sauerkraut, the rifle, an Ankara-marked Turkish Model 1903/35 had lots of missing wood and a good bit of oxidation. Keep in mind that these guns, which were sold by importers at the $39 mark just a few years back, aren’t that collectable if they have already been bubba-fied so at a minimum the vlogger over at Let Freedom Ping at least got it back into working condition, which is a win in any book.

The camo pattern is a send-up of the one used by the German Navy in WWII such as on the battleship Tirpitz. While a little far-out for a Turkish Mauser, it is kinda neat in its own right.

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