Clearing the air on the car-byne or car-bean controversy (VIDEO)

Compact rifles, or “carbines” are easy to spot and have been around for centuries but mileage varies on how to the word is pronounced.

Based by most accounts on the French word “carabin,” used pre-Napolean to describe a soldier armed with a musket, which in turn the default type of mounted cavalry subsequently described as carabiniers, the word has since at least the 18th century also been tapped in for use in labeling a short rifle.

So how is it pronounced? To wade into that debate with 12~ minutes of thought-provoking research that you can regurgitate whenever gun culture is found, Taofledermaus takes on the issue head-on in the above with input from different tribes across the firearms community.

Speaking of pronunciation debates. Just how does Garand roll off the tongue correctly? Ian McCollum with Forgotten Weapons weighs in on that, below.

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