Uinta Trading Co offers Shopify customers a place to hang their hats

Uinta Trading Co comes to the rescue of Shopify retailers looking for a new e-commerce platform. The veteran-owned company is rooted in the outdoor, gun and hunting industry. The online marketplace has ob-boarded over 100 brands, thus far, and is looking to expand even further.

“Uinta Trading started as a grassroots effort to create a foundation where companies in the outdoor / hunting / gun industry can sell legal products without dealing with the overreach of big politically correct corporate monsters,” Uinta founder Mike Semanoff told Guns.com in an email. “Having a love for the principals that this country is founded on, is what drove us to create a place for our community to stand together in the fight to maintain the integrity of the constitutional rights we all hold close.”

The marketplace accepts retailers in the outdoor, hunting and gun industry. (Photo: Uinta Trading Co via Facebook)

Uinta Trading’s platform involves no enrollment fees and no monthly fees, with a flat 10-percent referral fee on orders generated on the marketplace. Semanoff said the selling process is easy to master, with Uinta allowing for .csv import or manual adding of each product. Sellers have total control over payout preferences, pricing, promotions, description and inventory count. Once a product is sold, order info can be integrated into fulfillment sites like Shipstation.

“I know there are a lot of sellers that need a hand with this process and we are more then happy to assist where needed, “ Semanoff said.

Uinta Trading Co policies are upfront, with a simple stance — if a product is federally legal to sell and buy, then it’s good to go on the site. For products that might fall into “grey areas,” Semanoff said the site will thoroughly evaluate the product on an as needed basis.

“There will be occasional grey area products that become a quick hype, but are not yet regulated, controlled, or defined enough in law for online retail to make sense. So we navigate these choices as they come and will have to take into account the integrity of the marketplace as a whole to protect the brands selling on the platform,” Semanoff explained.

Overall, Uinta said it is committed to its customers and doesn’t believe in pulling the rug out from underneath its retailers.

“If we need to make minor updates to policy to better enhance the marketplace for the brand or consumer, we will have done so because our sellers or customers asked for such a change. The only policy changes that will originate from a source other then our customers or sellers will be federal law changes that prohibit the sale of something on the marketplace,” Semanoff said. “We have taken a lot of time to partner with the right payment processors and banks that support the sale of all firearm and tobacco related products from the beginning to forgo any forced policy changes down the road.”

Sellers interested in hopping onto the Uinta Trading Co marketplace can apply via the company’s website.

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