Glock: Factory 24-round 9mm Mags Are Now Available

two glock 9mm handgun magazines on concrete outdoors

For those who wanted a little extra than the 17, but less than the 33-rounder when it came to 9mm magazines, Glock has something new to smile about. (Photo: Glock)

Following a soft launch over the past several months, Glock is moving forward with a new mag offering for those who take their 9mm in a double stack.

Glock announced their new 24-cartridge capacity 9mm stick magazine on social media last Thursday, filling a gap between their legacy 17 and 33-round mags. “Time for a capacity upgrade. 24 round 9mm Glock mags with orange followers are now available,” noted the company.

As with other Glock mags, the new entry is polymer-encased with a steel insert and rear witness holes. The mag fits the G17/17L, G19/19X, G26 and G34 series but, like the 33-shot classic, will extend past the magazine well. The body is double cut to work with a reversed magazine catch such as on Gen4 models.

The new “double-dozen” mag runs seems to about $35 when in stock and is sure to be popular with those with carbine builds that use a magwell set to run 9mm Glock magazines. Also, the size could come in handy for some USPSA/IPSC practitioners who are limited by competition rules on mag length. Then, of course, there is the carry aspect for those who want to tote an extra mag larger than the standard flush-fit but find the 33-round stick too bulky.

Glock has had these mags posted on their European website for several months– but with black followers, not orange– and the caveat that, “This magazine might not be available in all countries due to legal regulations.”

Back in May, Glock whisperer Larry Vickers with Vickers Tactical dropped some images of a G19X sent to him from South Africa with the 24 rounder next to a standard 17-round mag. “Looks a lot more useful than the 33 round mag which is too long,” said Vickers.

Just got these pics in from my friends in South Africa; new 24 round Glock 9mm magazine. Here it is shown in a G19X and…

Posted by Larry Vickers on Friday, May 4, 2018

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