Yes, you can load 120 rounds in a Draco, kinda (VIDEO)

08/20/18 11:00 AM | by

Yes, you can load 120 rounds in a Draco, kinda (VIDEO)

While Kalash super extendo bananas aren’t new, here is a rare example of a 120-rounder that actually works.

Bad-Element, one of the more interesting shops specializing in the Afghan/Khyber Pass-style aesthetic, has a history of cranking out various open-sided AK mags that would look right at home along the silk road and perform better than some of the gun show junk out there. However, his previous record for a (working) model was a 100-rounder. Turning the knob to 11 and ripping it off, he gives a special-order 120 a try– although his finger starts to slow down when it comes to keeping up the rate of fire in the handy Romanian AK pistol.

He says the buyer promised to shoot it in a legal machine gun, so stay tuned for that more Freedom-filled clip in the future. Maybe a 240 donut mag will be perfected by then.

Why is this a thing? As Wonka borrowed from O’Shaunessy, “We are the music-makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

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