Motorcyclist talks about her self-defense shooting in road rage attack (VIDEO)

Earlier this year a motorcyclist was involved in a defensive gun use that left her assailant dead. She tells her side of the story.

Aubrey Bowlin, 24, was involved in an incident with Bruce W. Jones, 60, in February along the I-5 freeway in Milton, Washington. Bowlin, boxed in by Jones, was the victim of an attack by the man that left her with a concussion and in fear of her life as she was in the fetal position on the shoulder with the man on top of her struggling to get her helmet off.

“If he had gotten my helmet off, I would’ve been dead,” she told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson as part of an extended interview.

Remembering she had a handgun with her, she moved to turn the tables on her attacker.

“It was me or him,” Bowlin said. “And I was coming home.”

Then came the aftermath, with police handcuffing Bowlin for a half-hour on the side of the road as they investigated the scene of the shooting. Two hours later, she was put on a flat board and transported by ambulance to an area hospital.

Although cleared in the shooting by Pierce County prosecutors, she suffers lingering problems from the incident with resulting medical expenses.

Bowlin talks more about her experience in the below interview with Alex Randall on the Squid Tips motorcycle vlog. Caution, the language may not be safe for work.

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