Special edition Lyman Sharps Carbine now shipping

The special edition Lyman Sharps Carbine commemorates the 140th anniversary for Lyman. (Photo: Lyman)

Lyman Products’ commemorative Lyman Sharps Carbine. announced in April 2018, is officially heading out to consumers as the company announced the limited edition model is now shipping.

Designed by the Italian Firearms Group Davide Pedersoli, the 30-30 Winchester chambered carbine celebrates 140 years in operation for Lyman. Featuring a Lyman #2 Tang sight, the front sight pivots to offer a blade style sight or globe style bead. The Sharps weighs 7 pounds and offers a 24-inch length barrel.

The receiver features an engraving commemorating the anniversary. (Photo: Lyman)

The special edition rifle delivers a brushed nickel receiver with “Lyman Gun Sight Company 1878 – 2018 140 years” engraved on it.

“This beautiful, limited-edition Sharps is a great statement to our 140-year old business,” Trevor Mullen, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development said in a news release. “We continue to preserve and respect our firearms heritage and yet look to the future with the most advanced technologies and materials in producing quality, and affordable firearms tools and accessories for our customers.”

The Lyman Sharps Carbine retails for $1,999.

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