Century Arms brings Romanian WASR underfolder AKs to market (VIDEO)

Made by Romarm-Cugir, Century was able to bring a limited run of WASR UF models into the country. Modeled after the Romanian standard Model 63 and 65 underfolder AK series rifles but without the distinctive front vertical grip of those guns, these rifles can be collapsed to just 25.5-inches overall while maintaining the 16.5-inch hammer forged chrome lined barrel. Billed as the perfect compact truck or backpack gun, Century says these should meet popular demand for the classic Eastern European import.

“The WASR has always been a popular model for Century,” said Jason Karvois, Century’s director of sales. “We are constantly receiving requests for additional configurations and the underfolder allows us to provide a fun, compact option for AK and WASR enthusiasts.”

(Photos: Century Arms)

(Photos: Century Arms)

Distributed exclusively through Atlantic Firearms for now, at a $739 price point, these new WASRs feature a forged barrel trunnion and a threaded 14×1 LH barrel that comes with a slant brake compensator. Each 7.15-pound rifle includes optimistic 1,000-meter sights and ships with a single 30-round magazine.

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