Dark Hour Defense adds Darklite Magnesium M-LOK Handguards to AR accessories

08/23/18 7:00 AM | by

Dark Hour Defense adds the new Darklite series M-LOK handguards to its repertoire. (Photo: Dark Hour Defense)

Dark Hour Defense expands its series of AR-15 components with the introduction of the new Darklite Magnesium M-LOK handguards.

Available in 15-inch, 13.5-inch, 11.1-inch and 9.2-inch lengths, the Darklite series is constructed of blended aluminum and magnesium alloy. This blend offers a 30-percent reduction in weight compared to 6061 aluminum, according to Dark Hour Defense.

The Darklite series offers four total lengths. (Photo: Dark Hour Defense)

“To simply say these are “light weight” handguards is an understatement. The 15 inch model (without mounting hardware) weighs just 6.7 ounces,” the company said in a press release on Soldier Systems.

The M-LOK style handguards ship with a super aluminum 7068 barrel nut, made to be harder and stronger than 7075 aluminum. The 7068 barrel nut tips scales at 1.13-ounces and ships with a barrel nut wrench as well as installation screws.

The AR compatible Darklite series is available from Dark Hour Defense with a price tag starting at $175 and topping out at $220.

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