Grab your polyester, whistle chain and cop stache for these classic police training films (VIDEOS)

Curious about how to use a speedloader with one hand or when to reach for a shotgun when in 1974? We gotcha covered.

The above time warp, courtesy of the Indiana State Police, shows the proper use of a speedloader with a service revolver. Made in 1988, it should be remembered that at the time the speedloader was considered kinda high-speed stuff, just getting around to replacing dump pouches and finger reloads in some departments.

Below is Shooting for Survival, a 1974-era production from the FBI Firearms Training Film which covers a lot of ground– including the dueling drill, firing from the old “combat crouch” and with the classic Model 10 held with at the ready position from the hip. Remember, some of this is badly dated stuff and is for entertainment purposes only at this point.

Finally, the last film is the old Sid Davis classic from 1976, Shotgun or Sidearm.

And since you have done this far down the rabbit hole, we saved you the Google search.

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