Man shot after breaking into home with Smith & Wesson sign near door (VIDEO)

Authorities say a naked man was taken into custody by sheriffs deputies in rural Iron County, Utah on Tuesday afternoon after he was shot multiple times by residents of a home he was attempting to burglarize.

Christian Holbert, 24, was shot by the elderly homeowners after he refused to leave and reportedly kicked in their door– a door that Fox 13 Utah found to be near a number of pro-gun signs to include one that said, “Smith & Wesson Spoken Here.”

“They did fear for their lives and they did shoot at him,” Lt. Del Schlosser with the Iron County Sheriffs Office said.

According to multiple local reports, Holbert stripped “completely naked” after being shot and had to be tased several times by responding deputies “with little to no impact” before he was taken into custody and transported to an area hospital by helicopter. Investigators think the would-be home invader, who had no prior relationship with the victims, was on some kind of drugs at the time of the attack. He is expected to be charged in coming days.

As for the residents, they are shaken up, but physically uninjured and authorities say it was a “good thing” they were armed. From Sullivan Media Connections:

“They were simply exercising their second amendment rights,” Sheriff Mark Gower said. “You hear people say all the time that victims should wait for law enforcement and not take matters into their own hands. But the fact is, sometimes we can’t get there fast enough. This couple are elderly and live a ways out of town and if they hadn’t been able to protect themselves today we don’t know what might have happened. So, in this incident, it was a good thing they could protect themselves. This is another example of how guns in the right hands can provide protection for people.”

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