Not even massive amounts of mud can slow Miculek (VIDEO)

08/23/18 6:00 AM | by

Not even massive amounts of mud can slow Miculek (VIDEO)

Even with enough slippery Kentucky mud to slow down a mule, pro-shooter Jerry Miculek still can’t be stopped.

Jerry posted the above video of one of his runs at the recent Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship in Park City, Kentucky last week, and it shows a sloppy mess that he still somehow clomps through with seemingly no effort.

“Not every time you go to a match things are perfect,” he says, in front of a small collection of ammo boxes. “They had a lot of mud. They had a lot of rain. It was very slippery conditions.”

In the end, it looks like he still had a lot of fun.

Just hanging with #livinglegend @jerrymiculek wrapping up the Pro Am today. #2aliving #rockproam #shootingresort #jerrymiculek

Posted by Rockcastle Shooting Center on Sunday, August 19, 2018

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