A7 Defense & Aerospace adds Instructor Tactical Gloves to accessory lineup

The A7 Instructor Tactical Gloves offer a bright appearance for easy visibility. (Photo: A7 Defense & Aerospace)

A7 Defense & Aerospace expands its inventory of gloves, adding the new Instructor Tactical Gloves designed to help gun instructors on the range. Based on the company’s Gunfighter gloves, the Instructor set is colored bright red to offer greater visibility on the range while offering easy identification of instructors on site.

The Instructor Glover feature a breathable but durable material that allow for comfortable grip on firearms. (Photo: A7 Defense & Aerospace)

“A7’s Instructor Gloves utilize the same platform as A7’s Gunfighter tactical gloves, yet are bright red to increase visibility for non verbal communication, signaling, and instruction,” A7 said in a news release.

Made from “high quality materials,” the Instructor Tactical Gloves deliver high dexterity to wearers with extreme grip and durability. A four-way stretch material is breathable but maintains extreme grip even while wet. A7 tops the design off with a touch-screen capable index, middle finger and thumb.

The A7 Instructor Tactical Gloves are machine washable and feature sizing ranging from small to XX-large with a price set at $65.

The gloves don’t impede grip, according to the company. (Photo: A7 Defense & Aerospace)

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