From Central Europe hails an over-engineered DIY pipe rifle (PHOTOS)

Han Solo, is that you? (Photos: KorianHUNPics/Imgur)

Photos purporting to be of a police-seized homebuilt gun with some interesting features have surfaced.

Posted last month on Imgur by a gun enthusiast, the gallery of images show was is said to be a homemade .22 rifle seized by police in Slovakia. This jives with the “Podomacky vyrobena” on one of the cards visible in the snaps, which is Slovak for “households manufactured.”

While the collapsible wire stock and corncob forearm catch the eye, the milling on the receiver looks time-consuming but strangely reliable in an Iron Curtain kind of way. The optic looks like a Warsaw Pact PU-style scope commonly fitted to the WWII-era Mosin 91/30 sniper rifle. The magazine appears to be from a Czech CZ 452 series .22LR rifle, a caliber that is backed up by the card seen in the photo.

Commentors note a certain resemblance to the pipe rifles seen in the Fallout franchise which we tend to agree with, although it does have a certain C96 cone hammer carbine flair. Check out the below for more on that.

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