American Defense Mfg introduces Gen III QD Auto Lock lever assembly

The Gen III began shipping on American Defense Mfg. products in May. (Photo: American Defense Mfg.)

American Defense Mfg announced the third generation of its QD Auto Lock locking lever series, with the locking lever now appearing on all optical, illumination and target acquisition mounting devices from the company.

The Gen III lever has been upgraded to offer better lock and bolt engagement and a larger diameter lock pin. Additionally, the Gen III assembly features a textured lock that American Defense says makes the device easier to release. The design is topped off with a finer nut and bolt thread for “better resolution when clamping.”

“American Defense Mfg always strives to make technology driven products and continuous improvements to its product line.  These improvements make what we feel is the best adjustable, locking lever on the market even better,” William Phebus, director of sales, said in a news release.

The Gen III has been phased into American Defense Mfg.’s product line beginning with products manufactured in May 2018.

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