Enjoying 1,000 rounds with a custom Browning Hi-Power (VIDEO)

While the BHP is very old school and recently left production, there are some beautifully customized guns still floating around out there.

Famous American firearms inventor John Browning began work on the double-stack, single-action 9mm for Fabrique Nationale of Herstal, Belgium as an evolution of his venerable turn of the century handguns and, by 1923, filed a patent on his work.

Though Browning died before the Hi-Power was fully realized, Dieudonne Saive completed the design and by 1935 the revolutionary 13+1 shot combat handgun was ready for production. Fast forward 80-ish years and the gun just went out of production save for clones.

However, back in 2015, the custom gunsmiths at Arkansas-based Nighthawk Custom started delivering a small cache of hand-fitted BHPs that come with everything from a contoured magwell and Heine slant pro rears with a solid gold front sight. In the above, Alabama Arsenal takes a look at the NHC magic — cocobolo grips and all.

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