Turning a Suomi subgun into a 9mm sewing machine (VIDEO)

Colorado-based ECCO Machine has a great way of showing off prototypes. The above shows one of ECCO’s Vorticis 45 cans, a 13.8-ounce Titanium and stainless suppressor they say is designed specifically to reduce port noise on blowback guns, particularly in pistol caliber carbines. To show it off he zips a mag through a Suomi in style — a what?

Finnish firearm wonk Aimo Lahti crafted his Suomi submachine gun in the early 1920s in .32ACP, and it was adopted by the Finns in 9mm as the KP/-31 using either a 50-round coffin mag or a 71-round drum, and finally a 36-round double. The gun was well-liked and really successful– so much that the Soviets copied the drum for their PPD-40 and PPSh-41 after being on the receiving end of the Suomi’s 900 rpm burst during the white hell of the 1939-40 Winter War. Neighboring Sweden likewise cloned it in 9mm Browning Long for their own use.

For more on the Finnish burp gun, check out the below from Ian with Forgotten Weapons.

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