Viridian brings X Series Gen 3 with Camera to market

Viridian Weapon Technologies launches a new version of its X Series Gen 3, adding a camera to the laser/light system. (Photo: Viridian Weapon Technologies)

Viridian Weapons Technologies bolsters its product lineup introducing the new X Series Gen 3 with Camera.

The X Series Gen 3 with Camera provides the same features as the X Series Gen 3 but, as the name implies, tosses on the addition of a full-HD digital camera and microphone. The new Gen 3 with Camera kicks its series off with two flavors — the X5L Gen 3 Green Laser with Camera and XTL Gen 3 Taclight with Camera.

The Gen 3 with Camera series features a 500 lumen LED light, green laser on the X5L and Viridian’s Instant-On technology. The camera series boasts a 1080p full-HD digital camera and microphone with playback allowing gun owners to further their training, competition or range time. Viridian says the camera setup provides an unobstructed view.

The system includes a 500 lumen light, laser and camera. (Photo: Viridian Weapon Technologies)

“This technology was developed specifically for law enforcement, addressing limitations officers can face with body cameras. Today, we’re excited to give consumers the same HD video and microphone capability on our popular X Series Gen 3 product offerings,” Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen said in a press release. “The X5L Cam and XTL Cam are designed to give customers a convenient, high-tech solution for capturing footage while training, competing, defending, or just having fun.”

The X Series Gen with Camera starts at $409.

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