OD Green makes way onto Mechanix Wear glove lineup

The OD Green aims to bring more color options to law enforcement and military users. (Photo: Mechanix Wear)

Mechanix Wear adds some color to its Original, FastFit and M-Pact series, now offering the gloves in OD Green. The tactical gloves are styled in the olive drab look, offering more options to military and law enforcement users. Mechanix Wear said OD Green is a welcomed addition to its tactical glove lineup.

“The expansion of OD Green follows our continued pursuit to provide military, law enforcement, and shooting sports enthusiasts with effective hand protection solutions,” the company said in a news release published on Soldier Systems.

The Original gloves kick off the new color line with a touchscreen compatible synthetic leather design. The gloves boast nylon carrier loops for easy storage and come equipped with TrekyDry material — a breathable fabric that keeps users’ hands cool. The Original is priced at $24.

The M-Pact gloves offer a impact resistant design that still allows for dexterity and finger movement. (Photo: Mechanix Wear)

The FastFit bring a sense of versatility to the tactical glove arena with a high-dexterity 0.6mm synthetic leather style with full touchscreen technology built into the gloves. Also sporting TrekDry technology, the gloves keep users cool and comfortable in the field. The FastFit features a MSRP of $15.

The M-Pact rounds out the OD green series with a design that resists blunt-force impact, dissipating energy with its Thermoplastic Rubber exo-skeleton. The exo-skeleton meets EN 13594 impact standards while still offering dexterity and finger manipulation. Using 0.8mm synthetic leather, like its siblings, the M-Pact features touchscreen technology. The M-Pact retails for $34.

“We are particularly excited about the newly designed M-Pact glove, which offers our users CE-rated impact protection against blunt force injuries,” Kenny Safford, Product Design Manager, commented in the news release.

He continued, “Olive drab walks the line to provide the perfect shade between foliage and dark earth tones to conceal the wearer in temperate regions. We are excited to add this classic color-way to our expanding line of tactical hand protection.”

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