Silencer Shop now carries full line of OSS Suppressors

OSS Suppressors will now offer its full lineup of cans on (Photo: OSS Suppressors via Facebook)

Silencer Shop and OSS Suppressors team up to deliver the full lineup of OSS suppressors on The addition of OSS to Silencer Shops’ online distribution platform continues the silencer retailer’s commitment to offering consumers a range of options when it comes suppressors. Silencer Shop currently offers over 20 brands of silencers.

“OSS Suppressors are increasingly known in the industry for their patented Flow-Through technology, superior performance and their growing line of Helix-QD suppressors,” a Silencer Shop spokesperson said in a press release posted to Soldier Systems. “As a leading and premiere brand, we’re pleased to be offering an even bigger selection to our current and future clients.”

The HX-QD line will also be available through Silencer Shop. (Photo: OSS Suppressors via Facebook)

Consumers can now check out OSS Suppressors full series of cans ranging from 5.56 to 7.62 in addition to Ti and Magnum Ti models. The shop will also feature OSS Suppressors’ inventory of muzzle devices and accessories.

OSS Suppressors said its excited to partner with Silencer Shop to bring its cans to a wider audience.

“OSS Suppressors is excited to offer our HX-QD line and work with Silencer Shop to make Flow-Through suppression more accessible to dealers and consumers nation-wide,” Chris Estadt, VP Sales and Marketing at OSS, said in the news release. “Silencer Shop’s innovations in the market and their dedication to protect the health and safety of people who enjoy the shooting sports are remarkable. OSS Suppressors looks forward to working with them and other industry leaders to make suppressors more readily available and easier to purchase.”

OSS cans start out at $869.

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