Action Target unveils Game Series paper targets (VIDEO)

Action Target released a new set of paper targets, bringing competition and entertainment to the shooting range with the Game Series.

Action Target said the Game Series was inspired by arcade games, wildlife hunting, carnivals, tabletop gaming and sports. The series offers a variety of fun designs and shooting oriented games to entertain shooters on all playing fields.

“The new Game Series paper targets create a riveting and interactive shooting experience. The target designs are vibrant and nostalgic to appeal to the shooter’s sense of amusement. Various targets, such as ‘Alien Invasion’ and ‘Anatomy Training’, employ fluorescent colors, allowing ranges to amplify the game experience through the incorporation of black light,” Action Target said in a news release.

The Game Series features a variety of fun games to keep shooters entertained. (Photo: Action Targets)

Every target style comes with unofficial rules for game play, presenting range goers with a fun and competitive game to play alone or with friends.

“Range owners are always looking for opportunities to make shooting more exciting and engaging. The Game Series paper targets promote participation and competition among guests while they hone their shooting skills,” said Joseph Panasiewicz, Product Marketing Manager at Action Target. “The selection of games is also impressive: From ‘Billiards’ to ‘Big-O-Hunt’ and from ‘Clown-Shoot’ to ‘Croquet’, there’s something for everyone.”

The Game Series is available through Action Target with prices as low as $1.12.

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