ArachniGRIP releases Slide Spider for Glock pistols

The Slide Spider offers a tactile slide surface for Glock pistols. (Photo: ArchniGRIP)

ArachniGRIP incorporates Glock pistols into its Slide Spider compatibility, announcing a new Slide Spider slide grip adhesive for the popular pistol platform.

The Slide Spider is a one-piece adhesive grip wrap that is applies to pistol slides in order to allow for a more positive grip on the Glock handgun. ArachniGRIP said its Slide Spider adhesive results in increased control with a “tactical advantage under challenging operating conditions.”

The Slide Spider measures 1-inch by 3-inches. (Photo: ArchniGRIP)

“Creating a Slide Spider option for Glock handguns was important to us,” Robert Biedenbach of ArachniGRIP said in a press release. “We know they are a very popular choice for handgun owners, and they have a reputation backed by quality products. We’re proud to offer our slide grip to the community of Glock owners.”

Offering compatibility with a range of Glock pistols, ArachniGRIP said the Slide Spider measures 1×3 inches. Glocks aside, the company features options for a range of other popular brands to include Beretta, HK, Ruger Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Springfield Armory, among others.

The Slide Spider is available through ArachniGRIP with a price tag hovering around $20.

The adhesive grip wrap aims to give shooters more positive control over the slide. (Photo: ArchniGRIP)

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