LaRue Tactical announces new C.A.N. quick detach scope mount

The C.A.N. offers toolless adjustment, forgoing LaRue’s previous need for a 3/8-inch wrench. (Photo: LaRue Tactical)

LaRue Tactical serves up a new accessory, introducing the C.A.N. quick detach scope mount. The Click Adjust Nut QD SPR Mount offers toolless adjustment, setting it apart from other LaRue Tactical mounting solutions. The C.A.N. ditches the 3/8-inch wrench in favor of a proprietary thumb nut. The nut clicks when rotated and offers a near infinite adjustment range. The company said clicks can be counted so that users can keep track of torque on each rifle when switching optics between platforms.

The system comes in three sizes — 1-inch, 30mm and 34mm — and comes with four ring halves for $4.99 each. (Photo: LaRue Tactical)

“Other than being absolutely nut-bustin’ gorgeous, there’s some other features you’ll like when it arrives, you’ll see,” Mark LaRue said in a statement posted on LaRue’s website. “Now here’s the good part … it saves you, the trigger puller, lots of money because – we don’t have to make and send you a 3/8-inch wrench – nor do we have to screw the rings to the mount – and picking and shipping is easier, etc.”

The C.A.N. comes in three sizes — 1-inch, 30mm and 34mm. The C.A.N. QD SPR Mount will be available through LaRue for a special price of $99 with four ring halves retailing for $4.99; but the company says this deal will only last through Christmas.

The C.A.N. can swap between multiple platforms. (Photo: LaRue Tactical)

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