Complete Target Solutions unveils Ground Stand

The Ground Stand delivers a welded design with angled legs for greater stability. (Photo: CTS)

Complete Target Solutions upgrades its target stand offerings with the introduction of the new Ground Stand.

Ideal for ranges, recreational shooters and professionals, the Ground Stand caters to 1-inch by 2-inch furring strips used for support paper as well as cardboard targets. The base offers a fully-welded design equipped with slim, angled legs. The design boasts stability while also decreasing the potential for damage due to wandering shots.

The Ground Stand can hold support furring strips that accommodate paper or paper targets. (Photo: CTS)

“Unlike other designs, CTS’s Ground Stand has true feet and elevated legs to better tolerate the uneven ground commonly encountered at ranges,” CTS said in a news release. “Rather than teeter back and forth the CTS Ground Stand plants firmly and can be staked for extra stability in high winds.”

The Ground Stand features two screw knobs on the rear allowing users to individually tension furring strips for a more even target height. Weighing 9.5-pounds, the steel Ground Stand measures 25-inches in width and 21.5-inches in length with a height of 3.5-inches.

The Ground Stand is currently available with a price tag of $59.

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