See what this cowboy shooter uses for EDC (VIDEO)

“Five shots. If it was good enough for Sam Spade, it’s good enough for me,” said John Clark, editor of the magazine Cowboy Chronicle Quarterly, referencing the fictional character from a host of detective stories, about his everyday carry.

Clark, who has competed in cowboy action shooting events for nearly 25 years, said his decision to carry a revolver over some popular semi-auto handgun with a larger magazine is based on simplicity and peace of mind. “Pull it out, pull the trigger and it always fires. You only have five shots, but you always know you have them,” he said.

Although some of his shooter friends disagree with his carry preference – because they want as many rounds as possible — Clark argues: “Unless you’re a police officer or someone who has to put themselves in the line of danger, five shots should be enough. If you need more than five shots, you shouldn’t have gone there.”

Clark explained that he’s competed with both 1911s and Glocks and while both are reliable enough they may, at some point, jam. “If you carry and you’re not willing to put in the practice time required to learn how to deal with and clear jams –  and get to the point that you can handle it automatically and without even thinking about what you’re doing – I recommend using a revolver,” he said.

Clark explained that he prefers a Smith & Wesson Model 638 with a shrouded hammer, because the design helps prevent snagging on the draw. He carries the revolver in a Kramer Horsehide Pocket Holster that is custom molded and fits into pant pockets nicely. “It’s meant to go into your front pocket – I like to carry it in my back pocket with a shirt over it,” he said. “It’s completely concealed and draws safely and easily.”

In situations where his Smith &Wesson revolver is hard to conceal, his second-choice gun is a North American Arms Mini-Revolver, a very small, five-shot, 22 rimfire with a folder. “It looks like you’re carrying a pocket knife. Pull it out, unfold it and you’re ready to go,” he said.

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