Fix It Sticks launches four new tools for maintenance

09/18/18 11:30 AM | by

Fix It Stick introduces new tools, like the 1911 Bushing Wrench pictured above, to its inventory. (Photo: Fix it Sticks)

Fix It Sticks announced new additions to its maintenance lineup, introducing four new tools for its Fix It Sticks system.

The new tools include a 1911 Bushing Wrench, Broadhead Wrench, Mini Pry-Bar and Bottle Opener. The tools were created to offer a modular and portable style that can easily be toted to the range or field or left in a workshop.

Kicking off the series is the 1911 Bushing Wrench created to help takedown and reassemble 1911 pistols. The Bushing Wrench is compatible with Government and Officer model barrel bushings. Molded from polymer, the tool does not mar slides or bushings, according to Fix It Sticks. Measuring 1/4-inch, the base of the tool can work alongside Fix It Sticks or any 1/4-inch driver.

The Broadhead Wrench is designed to aid in tightening broadheads. Like the Bushing tool, the Broadhead Wrench measures 1/4-inches and can attach to Fix It Sticks or 1/4-inch drivers. The multi-slot opening easily works alongside most fixed blade broadheads.

The tools, appearing clockwise: 1911 Bushing Wrench, Broadhead Wrench, Mini Pry-Bar and Bottle Opener. (Photo: The Outdoor Wire)

Fix It Sticks offers a Mini Pry-Bar tool for difficult to open items, providing a tool specifically created for opening tough objects. The Mini Pry-Bar is constructed from corrosion resistant steel and features cut-outs that allow it to be used as 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch and 3/8-inch wrench.

Rounding out the tool inventory is the Bottle Opener, machined from solid bar stock. The Bottle Opener has a 1/4 shank and is compatible with Fix It Sticks or 1/4-inch hex drivers.

“Like all Fix It Stick tools the 1911 Bushing Wrench, Broadhead Wrench, Mini Pry-Bar and Bottle Opener are designed for use out in the field but are perfect on the workbench as well,” Fix It Sticks said in a news release.

The new tools are available now with prices ranging from $6 to $10.

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