Freedom Defense Tactical's crank operated dual AR is a beast! (VIDEO)

The base of the Dual AR Platform is composed of Aero Precision stripped X15 upper and lower receivers because of the quality forging that takes place in the manufacturing process. The Aero receiver set is coupled with Ballistic Advantage Modern Series QPQ 5.56 barrels and VG6 Precision Epsilon Muzzle Devices that do a spectacular job of dispersing expelled gasses properly upon discharge reducing muzzle rise.

The assembled AR’s are then turned onto their sides with the top rail sections facing each other and placed into an aluminum mount specifically made for this application. The aluminum mount is also fitted with a M3 type adapter pedestal that allows the platform to be placed into a military style tripod system or other mounting options. The AR’s at this point are absent of pistol grips because the Gatling style firing control system attaches to the pistol grip points on the receivers.

Dual AR Platform with 30 Round Magazines installed. (Photo: Manuel “Graf” Grafia/Freedom Defense Tactical)

Dual AR Platform with 100 round drums installed. (Photo: Manuel “Graf” Grafia/Freedom Defense Tactical)

Once the platform is mounted on the tripod or other adaptor system, the most challenging and critical part of the proper operation of the platform is adjusting the timing of the firing system. When timed and adjusted correctly the platform will fire alternately from each AR with a simple rotation of the crank lever. The rest is lead down range and brass on the ground.

The next possible upgrade to the platform would be to exchange the current Mil Spec triggers out for binary triggers such as the Echo Trigger System by FosTech Inc. This trigger system give the platform of firing one round when the trigger is pulled to the rear and fire another round when the trigger is released for the reset – effectively doubling in the platforms rate of fire. The entire CPP platform is fitted with multiple parts anodized in red from multiple manufactures such as Strike Industries and Phase 5. These accent parts can be in a variety of colors to fit the users preference.

If you’re looking for something not easily found off the shelf or want to access a great shop for a custom build, Freedom Defense Tactical can build it.

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