GSM Outdoors brings AmmoPal under its wing

09/19/18 11:30 AM | by

The AmmoPal comes in three colors and offers an easier means to dispense shotgun shells. (Photo: GSM Outdoors)

GSM Outdoors announced its recent acquisition of AmmoPal — a new product designed to easily dispense shotgun shells.

AmmoPal, created for shotgun hunters as well as target shooters, will take up residence under GSM Outdoors’ Shooting Made Easy brand. The AmmoPal is constructed from high-impact Geon PVC and holds up to ten 2/3-inch 12-gauge shells.

The shells are housed in the UV and oil resistant dispenser. The dispenser functions either up or down, depending on the shooter’s preferences. the AmmoPal also features no-fumble dispensing paired with a spring and follower that retains cartridges even in difficult field conditions. Rounding out its attributes, the AmmoPal introduces a removable base plate with drain slots to prevent water form building up inside the dispenser while also offering an easier means of cleaning and maintenance.

The AmmoPal comes with two sets of mounting clips. (Photo: GSM Outdoors)

Capable of working with left or right-handed shooters, the AmmoPal includes two sets of dual mounting clips — a short and a long variant. These mounting clips grant users a range of carry configurations on both belts and MOLLE equipped gear.

“Ideal for target shooting, upland bird hunting, waterfowling, or tactical shotgun work, the AmmoPal is the most convenient and reliable shotgun shell dispenser on the market today,” GSM Outdoors said in a press release.

The AmmoPal, now available through GSM Outdoors, comes in the shooter’s choice of green, FDE or black and retails for $30.

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