Magpul releases new apparel for fall (VIDEO)

Magpul is on a roll with the new releases, adding more products to its 2018 inventory including a full line of clothing for the fall season.

The fall 2018 apparel lineup includes shirts, sweaters, pants and jackets all designed to keep gun and Magpul enthusiasts comfortable in all conditions.

“Designed and focused around the shooting lifestyle, we’ve created seven unique apparel items that support the carriage, movement, and comfort you need when you want to be out in the elements but don’t want them to take control of your activities,” Magpul offered in a statement. “We’ve invested heavily in the material, construction, fit and features of our fall line, and we’re bringing you the Magpul quality and value you’re used to getting from our firearms accessories to our apparel.”

The Commando Zip Neck Sweater, left, the Logger LS Shirt, middle, and the Reversible Tech Logger Shacket, right. (Photo: Magpul)

Kicking off the line is the Magpul Logger Shirt. Retailing for $89, the Logger LS shirt is designed for colder months. Featuring a relaxed fit, the Logger can be used in everyday wear or out on the range. Boasting unrestricted reach paired with two chest pockets, the shirt keeps important items in while also warding off rogue debris.

The Commando Zip Neck Sweater brings a warm synthetic wool to the table for colder weather. Offering reinforced windproof and weather-resistant shoulder and arms, the Zip Neck Sweater is capable of fitting under an insulated jacket for even more protection against the cold. Magpul said the Commando Zip Neck is also a perfect fit for concealed carriers, allowing for unrestricted reach to concealed firearms. The Commando retails for $119.

The Magpul Reversible Tech Logger Shacket is the pairing of, you guessed it, a shirt and jacket. Magpul assured us this is a thing. The Reversible Tech Logger Shacket is windproof and features a tough plaid jacket on one side and an insulated layer on the other. The shacket delivers two accessible hand pockets for storage in addition to an overall athletic fit allowing for additional layers underneath. The Tech Logger Shacket is priced at $159.

Magpul offers a Light Insulated Jacket as well as Hoody for a more breathable, windproof style. The jacket is created to act as a standalone jacket or pair with an outer shell for a warmer look. The jacket touts the ability to move moisture away from the body while also offering wind resistance. The Insulated Hoody performs the same duties as the jacket with the added benefit of a drop hood for more severe conditions. The jacket offers a price-tag of $179 while the hoody retails for a little more at $199.

The Insulated Jacket and Hoody as well as the Softshell Utility Pant are all designed to go wherever the wearer does. (Photo: Magpul)

Rounding out the upper body wear is the Light Insulated Hybrid, priced at $189. The Light Insulated Hybrid is a pullover created to keep wearers warm while also accommodating chest rigs, binocular harnesses, CSAR chest packs and waist belts. The pullover keeps users warm with an insulated upper torso and arms and also features a stretch nylon lower torso.

Bringing the fall lineup to an end is the Softshell Utility Pant. Ideal for mixed conditions, the pant dries quickly while also bringing plenty of room for full range of motion. The pants offer secure hand pockets with storage for accessories like phones as well as a thick pocket for extra gear and two internal multi-use magazine pockets to accommodate 15-round mags or pocket knives. The Shoftshell Utility Pant is priced at $114.

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