Police testing Batman-style 'lasso gun' in Alabama (VIDEOS)

The Birmingham Police Department is trying out a new piece of less-lethal gear that may become standard issue in the future.

Las Vegas-based Wrap Technologies bill their Bola Wrap 100 device as a safe and effective remote restraint system that does not use pain compliance to bring results. The handheld device about the size of a TV remote discharges an 8-foot “bola style” Kevlar tether that is designed to hobble a subject at ranges of between 10 and 25 feet. Barbed grapples on each end of the tether are designed to catch and hold on clothes.

“The whole idea here is to create better options for law enforcement. So we could take people into custody even in a diversion, so officers can take them into custody without harm,” said Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith.

Birmingham’s training unit is testing the device for now, but other departments are also fielding the device.

Mike Rothans with Wrap Technologies talks more about the Bola Wrap in the below video from the Salt Lake Tribune, where the Park City police department became the first in Utah to test the system.

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